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Vessel Condition Assessment Department

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Vessel Condition Assessment

We offer independent and unbiased vessel condition assessments, monitoring and decisive reports to shipping investors, and shipowners at the most affordable price on Chinese ports. We have highly skilled ship inspectors with backgrounds of Chief Engineers, and Technical Superintendents, to assess the vessel condition based on over 400 data points.

As ships work in extreme conditions and are exposed to continuous wear and tear, they, therefore, need to be maintained to high standards according to a maintenance plan designed for them. Vessel condition surveys are a necessity as this helps to safeguard your shipping investment and mitigate the risks involved in shipping investments and operations.

QDteamhead has a Chinese team of more than 30 skilled independent professionals who are continuously trained by company to deliver vessel condition assessment with accurate and detailed reports. We are a trusted partner worldwide, providing the most reliable vessel conditional assessment and exceptional satisfaction to customers.

Our Condition Assessment Procedure

1、Analysis of vessel’s past performance data, PSC inspections & Class survey records.

2、Identify potential risk areas to focus on during ship inspection.

3、Physical inspection by trusted inspectors experienced in the vessel type.

4、24X7 support and service coordination.

5、Decisive analytical reports – identify vessel defects, areas of improvement and projected cost of upgradation, etc.

6、Consultation by our team of technical experts.